Smart meter but still being asked for readings 4 months later


I had a smart meter installed over 4 months ago. The meter itself is on the ground floor in the communal cupboard, my flat is on the 2nd floor (ie over 5m away). I flagged this before getting installed and they said there would be no problem.

Engineer installed it, confirmed it was working then left.

Since then I have received monthly requests by bulb to provide manual meter readings despite the fact smart meters should do this automatically. I have sent two emails to Help@Bulb with no response (most recently on 7th November).

Please can I have someone reply to my post or email with a resolution?

I don’t want to be hit with a large bill after Christmas because the previous readings have been estimated.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone, Bulb just don’t answer emails and you can be on hold for over 30 minutes on the phone. They’ve grown to quickly and can’t handle the volume.
I got an email after my “smart” meter was installed about a month ago saying in rare cases it could take up to 2 months before the meter automatically provides a reading. If it fails to do so I may need a second engineer visit and my bills will be estimated in the mean time. If you’re being billed to much you can edit your payments and hope it eventually sorts itself out but I’m seriously thinking of leaving because of the poor customer service. If I do I’ve been told my “smart meter” might not work with a new supplier and I will have to revert to providing manual readings again. And just like most smart meter customers my in home display stopped working just days after the installation and no amount of emails will get this fixed as the really don’t appear to care.

Our Smart meter was installed in August. Bulb finally managed to take their first smart reading in December.

I don’t think this would have happened if I hadn’t regularly nagged them via Th e online chat.

On your energy readings page do you see any smart readings or a daily usage chart?

I have used online chat and emailed at least twice to say the smart meter I had installed in April is still not registering readings. I’m not even getting a response. I used to rave about Bulb customer service to friends but I think I’m on my way out the door.

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Do it. It’s the only way Bulb will learn. I’m looking to leave in January. 20 plus emails ignored and I’m definitely not going on hold for 30 minutes again.

Thanks everyone! Unsurprisingly my emails are still being ignored.

I’d suggest anyone who has made no progress / still unresolved with their Bulb complaints to send a summary to

If there are enough complaints, Bulb will be forced by the regulators to improve their service.

Good luck!

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