Smart meter but using estimated readings


I’ve got smart meters installed but since November my usage has been estimated.

Any reason for this? Can it be fixed?


Hey @davefromchippie Welcome to our community :wave:

It seems the smart meters have dropped in connection over the last few months which is why we are getting estimates. Sorry for that,

To fix this we would advise moving you from once a month reads to daily reads for a while. A switch to daily reads means Bulb will attempt to get reads each day and pull data from your smart meter, it would mean more regular attempts at reading your meter and has been known to improve connection,

At the moment you are on monthly which means we attempt to get a read at 24:00 or midnight on your bill date which is not successful.

We need your consent to move you to daily however you can do this yourself under smart preferences in account settings of your Bulb account,

–Carl :bulb:

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Cheers, updated it to daily.