Smart meter - can it be installed?

I’ve got an installation date, but there isn’t 2 foot of space around my gas meter, as it’s in a small kitchen cupboard. I’d like to know if an engineer will come round and tell me it’s impossible.
I’ve added a photo. Please can someone advise me if it’s worth cancelling my appointment.

My meter was fitted in a cupboard like that.but I would send the photo to and let them decide. If the engineer arrives and says he can’t fit the meter there’s a chance that you will be charged £30.

Thanks Johno, I’ve given that a go.

I’ve already tried using twitter and messenger to send this photo to bulb but not had any response, hence me trying the messageboard and now your idea. I really don’t want to waste other peoples’ time, or get charged £30, but ironically it’s wasted a lot of my time trying not to waste other peoples’ time!