Smart Meter (Chameleon IHD IHD6) Restart Loop

My IHD is stuck in a constant restart loop, stays on for about 20 seconds with time at 00:00 and flashing signal icon. Firmware v1.4.

When I try to connect to WiFi it is successful but get a “Connected, no internet” message.

Have tried running the battery down and reserve battery but didn’t seem to have any effect.

Emailed Bulb 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard back- IHD flashing on and off this whole time :slightly_smiling_face:

Proximity to electricity meter doesn’t seem to make a difference, furthermore my IHD was working fine before this problem came out of nowhere.

E.on customer over on the MSE forum seems to have the same issue but interested to see if there are other Bulb customers affected by this strange and annoying bug.


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