Smart Meter (Chameleon IHD) Restart Loop

My smart meters have only recently been installed but the IHD has started to restart and loop. I have been unable to stop this or reconnect it to the meters.

Any ideas?

Mine’s been doing that since May 2019 after it was installed April 2019.
I hope you have better luck than me.

Hi @ranicholas,

Firstly, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

I’m sorry to hear that your IHD keeps constantly restarting, I took a look into your account on our back-end systems and I see that your IHD may have disconnected from your home area network (HAN).

I have just raised a request to the DCC (Data Communications Company) to reset your home’s connection and this should amend the link between your meters and your IHD.

Your smart meters themselves are all operational, which is great :relaxed:

The reboot should take around 2-4 weeks unless you like in a remote area (this can take up to 1 month sometimes due to weak signal strength).

But do let us know via email or live chat if you don’t see any changes come this time next month!

Hi @ryan4257,

Don’t worry I never forgot about you! I also took a look into your account and I see you have an open complaints thread with my colleague Lou, what he said is true, sadly it does take longer in the North due to a different smart network operator :slightly_frowning_face:

I already checked the reboot outcome and the results haven’t come back to us just yet.

We do understand your frustration in the matter, sadly a new IHD wouldn’t resolve the issue as this is to do with connectivity.

But all of this will be factored into your complaint when we discuss compensation.

Not sure why a replacement wouldn’t work now.
It was suggested twice previously (once last year, and again in Feb). What’s changed?
My IHD won’t get a firmware update because it switches off within 1 minute 40 seconds - isn’t a firmware updated needed to improve connection stability? That seems to be what’s fixed it for others.
I don’t even think my IHD is paired properly any more - there’s no information on it at all, and initially it was set up when my account had the wrong meter number on it.

Hi @ryan4257,

A new IHD wouldn’t make a difference, as it is not an issue with the device itself, but the connection between your IHD and your smart meters communications hub (small device that sits above the electricity meter). We know this because you mentioned the IHD restarts itself.

It isn’t a firmware update that is needed either, rather we have to ask the DCC (the company in charge of the smart network for the whole of the UK) to restart the connection to your communications hub.

This can be a lengthy process as they do whole areas in batches. We give a timescale of anywhere up to a month, but it can be a lot quicker than this, It just depends on your postcode and when the DCC restart the communications hubs in your area.

I understand how frustrating this must be to ve given such long timescales, but this is the only method we have of bringing your IHD back online.

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Possibly worth noting, the IHD switches off - it appears to restart because it has a power cable in it, and whenever the power cable is connected it automatically switches on.
If I disconnect the power cable, the IHD switches off.

Are you the same Sam that I was emailing back in April to July that said the connection to the comms hub was done successfully, so it could be the IHD that’s faulty, and I was being added to a list for a replacement IHD?

To quote, from 25th June:

As I mentioned, the reset was successful previously, so there shouldn’t be an issue with the connection. If anything, it could be the IHD itself that is faulty.

I have run a remote fix which should hopefully encourage the IHD to start connecting within 48hrs - if this fails, I will add you to the waitlist so that we can send you a new IHD once we are back in the office. We have been unable to send new IHDs whilst we have been working from home, which is why we’ve been continuing to try with the remote fixes.

Then again on 2nd July:

I have added you to the list for a new IHD to be sent to your address, which we will send out once we are back in the office - expected from the start of August.

I would advise that we can put this complaint thread on hold for now, and if you would like an update as we move in to August, I can chase this up again once we are running from the office again (the store of our IHDs is in the office so unfortunately we are unable to manually send a new one until we are back in).

A reboot was done in Feb/March time, then requested again in April and confirmed in June, as well as numerous remote fixes.

That’s why I’ve started to get in touch again now, because August came and went and no replacement was sent.

What is done to initially link the meter and IHD together? Is that something we can try - is there a manual pairing process?

I have the same problem, for the third time this year: 2/6. 10/11, 2 /12. I have had no response to my e mail of 2/12 sent to help@bulb … . I also completed the reset form in the Bulb website.

Could you check this for me please?
I’ve just emailed the below too:

It’s been 7 weeks since the comms hub reboot was requested, and almost 3 weeks since any update (via the forum), almost 4 weeks since the last email response, and no reply to my email 10 days ago.

I’ve been told by email it will take up to a month to reset the device.
Really; a month to press a button in some data centre somewhere? Really?
What an inadequate setup Bulb it seem to be!

There’s trouble at t’mill

It appears like shabby service at best; it appears like management indifferece at worst. IMHO, obvs

Hmmm came on here to see if anyone else was reporting this and found this thread.

Doesn’t sound promising! For the last couple of days my IHD has been in a reboot loop, and looking at my account, it doesn’t look like readings are being sent either - both elec and gas readings seem to stop early morning on the 10th :-/

Anyway of fixing this? Really not impressed with the smart meter - has just been a pain too many times, and bulbs responses similarly disappointing :frowning:

@Trevor_at_Bulb it’s now been 8 weeks since the comms hub reboot was requested, and 4-5 weeks since any response about it. Replies to emails have stopped again.
Please can someone give me an update on whether the comms hub reboot has been done or not?

And to top it off, Gas usage info has stopped appearing on the website, so I can’t even monitor my usage there either.

I have the same issue with my IHD.

I had the Smart meter install on the 3rd December - and my IHD stopped working on the 10th December - exactly one week later.

It runs in a loop.
However I took the device to the end of the garden and the signal dropped to 1 bar. Bringing it back to the house - it still hasn’t connected - but it has stopped restarting itself. I am not sure if that is any kind of progress or it has given up searching for the network as it was so far away.

If i switch it off and on again it goes back through the restart loop.

Not sure what else I can do …

Hi there,

My IHD stop working approx. 2-3 weeks ago. Its in a loop that cant seem to connect.
I have tried running it out of the main and reserve battery and still nothing?

Is there anything you can do?


Smart Meter working again. Yayy!