Smart Meter change booked with old supplier before switch to bulb going ahead ?

So I just switched to bulb from scottish power. I am a bulb customer from today. However I am receiving texts from scottish power that a prior appointment booked some time back with Scotish power to switch me to smart meter is going ahead - they advice Lowri Beck engineer will be changing the meter on 22nd June next friday. I have gas and electric and have switched both to bulb and I have submitted current meter readings. Should I cancel the smart meter change as it was booked though my old supplier or leave it and let them change them. Thanks…

I would cancel as Bulb are launching smart meters later this year and it will be the latest version which I believe will be compatible with all utility companies

Hi there @sono you should definitely cancel that meter job, they aren’t actually allowed to touch your meter once we take over, it sounds like there’s been some sort of problem with their booking systems or something which has meant the job is still going ahead but it really shouldn’t. Among other things, the smart meter will be useless as a smart meter (no one will be able to read it remotely) and we won’t get any of the details about the meter (final read, opening reads, technical details and so on) so we won’t be able to bill you accurately until we get that sorted out, which can take months.

Also as @scudo says we will be offering smart meters which can switch supplier when you do in the next few months, if you’d like one