Smart meter change?

Does anyone know of any company that would be willing to swap out smart meters for new customers? Since moving to my new place which had the smart meters installed I have had trouble sleeping and would like them removed. Bulb said that they would do it for £250 per meter which I can’t afford.

Hey @bobduff80 glad to see you posting! :computer:

Smart meters use radio waves to allow remote readings to be taken from gas and electricity meters. Exposure to the radio waves produced by smart meters is likely to be much lower than that from other everyday devices such as mobile phones and wifi equipment. There’s an online article goes into a bit more detail here.

If there’s cause for concern and you think it might be related to having a smart meter installed, I’d recommend speaking to your GP to see if there’s any link and if there is please let us know so we can discuss further.

Ollie :musical_note:

It’s impossible to get an appointment with a GP these days. They all emit electromagnetic frequencies and mobile phones have caused brain cancer in people that use them frequently.