Smart Meter commissioning

Has anyone else had this issue or explain the why’s and wherefore’s in a better way?
My engineer was unable to commission my smart meters the day of installation (Feb 5th 2020) and I was advised to wait 48 hours and if it was still unable to configure and connect to the network that I was to “get in touch and it would be sorted out”. After the 48 hour period, I consulted the booklet left by the engineer and followed the guidance by visiting the website /help address. This took me to lots of questions non of which related to commissioning. I started a chat with a robot who was unable to help me and waited over an hour, supposedly in queue position 8 for an operator to respond. When none did, I then chose to ring up, the call was answered very quickly which was indeed initially impressive. However I then explained the situation to a very sulky sounding operative ( I assume it was almost end of his shift and he wanted to get away for his dinner / Friday night drinks ) who then did nothing more than repeat everything I had just told him in the first place back to me and then asked me if I understood. I said that I did but what I wanted to know was when I would be able to have my meters commissioned and start using my in home device. He then told me I would have to wait a few months for this to happen, when I asked why someone couldn’t attend to re-attempt commissioning, I was told it was nothing to do with bulb and arrangements couldn’t be made with the installer to re-attend. Considering how wonderfully easy and amazing the smart meters were sold to me, I’m a bit annoyed that I still can’t use my IHD (still displaying the default info) can’t connect it to my WiFi, it won’t configure/connect to the network and I can’t gain a meter reading from my gas meter, it only displays my meter index number. I also received an email advising I had used over £300 worth of Gas between 18th of Jan and 5th of Feb, lived in this house 7 years and have never used so much in so little time. Nor have I changed my winter settings since Nov 19. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head I would suggest you have a quick check of previous postings on this forum. You will see lots of instances of customers experiencing the same problem as you with possibly no easy fix.

Thanks for your suggestion will do :slightly_smiling_face: