Smart Meter compatible?

Hi, I’m thinking of joining Bulb but will my smart meter from British Gas (current supplier) still function in the same way post-switching, please? Thanks.

Hi @marco

You’re still able to switch your supply to us, but we won’t be able to operate your smart meter in the way that your existing supplier is currently able to do for you as it is a first generation meter, which means that it’s software is unique to the supplier that installed it.

You would need to read the meter manually and submit these readings to us using our online MyBulb portal.

We are working to be able to integrate other suppliers’ meters, however, this will not be until late 2018. We will be trialing and rolling-out the second generation (fully compatible) meters during the course of next year. So if you were to switch away ay supplier would still be able to remotely programme your meter.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Will there be a cost to the second generation smart meter when it is ready? Many thanks for your reply earlier.

Hey @marco, they’ll be completely free to install!

No worries at all glad to be of help :slight_smile: