Smart Meter completely broken - how will price increases impact my estimates

My smart meter has been completely broken for some time. We can’t read it and it is not sending readings to Bulb. We are having a replacement on 12th May. Today we are being told to take a meter reading to ensure we aren’t charged the higher new rates for any electricity used up to todays date. We can’t do this as the meter won’t give a reading.
I am very concerned about this and would like some reassurance from Bulb as to how we can ensure we are not charged higher rates for electricity used up to 31st March if we can’t take a reading. The meter was reported broken several months ago and it is through no fault of our own that we can’t have a replacement until May.

Hi @ClaireD :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had with your smart meter.

Unfortunately in these cases, we’re not able to take the reading from the meter. Therefore we would need to estimate the usage for this period. The way we do this, is to use the usage from the new meter we install to work out what should have been used since the meter stopped recording your usage. We aim to do this as fairly as possible, and will make sure that we split the usage evenly over these months, rather than record a higher proportion for April onwards, where the price has increased.

-Luke :bulb:

Thank you. I assume this will all be documented so we can see how you have split the usage. I am asking because we would have used more electricity during the winter months than in April and May so i would expect the usage to be weighted this way.

Hi @ClaireD,

Yeah so once the new meter is fitted and we calculate the usage from the period before the exchange you will be able to see the reading we have used. If you have any questions or concerns at that point then we can address them for you. We will always aim to make sure the billing is as fair as possible in these situations.

– KT :bulb: