Smart meter, connection lost

Smart meter has shown connection lost for a couple of weeks and no readings. Connection to wifi is strong and I have moved the meter around the house but still no connection. I have turned off and back on numerous times, still showing connection lost.

Not very helpful I know but reading through this forum this is a common problem (I’ve also got this issue!) See Smart meter but still being asked for readings 4 months later

Suggest emailing first.

If you get ignored for 8 weeks or more by Bulb (like my outstanding issue and so many other customers of Bulb!!) then I’d suggest to send a summary to

If there are enough complaints, Bulb will be forced by the regulators to improve their service.

Good luck!

Thanks, if this problem is common maybe bulb don’t want us to know how much we are spending on energy this time of year. If they don’t resolve the issue by the new year I think I will switch suppliers. perhaps we all should.