smart meter connection

My smart meter was fitted a week ago. I have a full screen display but it never alters e.g. say’s I am using £1.66 a day. Also the Pair CAD to account function is permanently ‘waiting’. The time display is permanently wrong. From reading the comments pages it appears their is a variety of problem with these units. Is this a Siemens or Bulb problem because it needs resolving fast.

i have a smart meter from British Gas can Bulb use it

Hiya bud.

Mine is the same, though it periodically goes from functioning normally to not. It’s likely that your usage has frozen. Have you tried pressing the ‘Now’ button on the thing? If you do, it should have a message at the bottom that says something like: “Unable to connect to network.”

If that’s the case, it just means your IHD isn’t receiving information from the meter, which doesn’t necessarily mean your meters aren’t transmitting information to Bulb. If you go into your account and try to submit a meter reading, that should tell you. If it gives you an option to submit readings then Bulb aren’t getting them from your smart meters. I can no longer submit electricity readings, but can submit gas readings, suggesting Bulb are receiving my electricity readings direct from the smart meter.

Hi @cpotf

Sometimes, when the new Smart Meters are installed, the in-home display (IHD) can take a bit of time to connect.

We can try resetting it for you, through your Bulb Account. Please drop us an email at to let us know that your IHD isn’t showing your usage correctly and we can reset it with you.

You can also find more information about reasons for IHDs not connecting, and how we’re fixing them here