Smart Meter constantly restarting

Our smartmeter hasn’t been working for some time. Followed website instructions (48 hours) and have now unplugged and trying to drain battery keeps giving welcome message and after 1/2 minutes restarts. Our Broadband was off hence not reported before now.

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Is not your smart meter it is your IHD.

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Hi @Roggie

So what you’re describing is a symptom of your IHD losing connection to the Home Area Network at your property. This can be fixed by rebooting your communications hub, the little box that sits on top of your electric meter.

I’m going to request this now, but the reboots are done by the DCC (who run the shared smart network). As they have a large backlog of requests, it will take 2-3 weeks for the reboot to be actioned. Thanks for your patience, and welcome to the Bulb community! :bulb:

Thanks, it’s been out for ages so Bulb only seem to have estimated meter numbers.

Hi @Roggie

It’s part of the same issue, unfortunately. Whilst normally we pluck actual readings from your meters themselves, if they also lose connection to the Home Area Network we’re unable to do that. The communications hub reboot should fix all this, though :+1:

So I should just leave things for a few weeks? I’ll turn my rebooting unit off and try again in a fortnight.

Hi @Roggie

Exactly, the best thing to do would just be to leave it for a few weeks and let it continue rebooting itself. Once the communications hub reboot completes, when the IHD restarts itself it should reconnect to the HAN and start working correctly again.