Smart Meter Cost

From what I have read, smart meters are free to install but then costs are involved, can you clarify please.

A meter is part of your infrasturcture, if accurate readings are provided then you invoice correctly, it is said that money can be saved with a smart meter, is this because you can constantly monitor what you are using, I find this unlikely as you would have to become obsessive about monitoring and if necessary going round the house constantly turning things off.

I would like some information about costs, hidden in the tariff, or other.

Hi @nitecard there are certainly no additional costs to the customer for having a smart meter on the wall.

We are able to remotely access the meter, meaning we can obtain actual readings on a monthly basis and thus bill you accurately each month. It should eliminate the need to use estimates on bills.

The saving comes from having visibility of what you’re using each day, thus meaning you’re more aware of your usage and in turn people are likely to reduce their usage.

But to reiterate, no costs hidden in the tariff or anywhere else for that matter!