Smart meter could not be installed because I had a 5 port meter.

The engineer visited to fit my smart meter but told me he couldn’t complete the job because we had a 5 port meter. Our water tank is heated overnight on what appears to be a separate feed to the rest of the house so I am assuming that this is where the problem lay. I had expected some communication back from Bulb but I’ve not had any further contact at all.

So what happens now? Are we going to be left here in the dark ages and be the proverbial spanner in the works of the governments plans to have everyone on a smart meter by 2024?

Does anyone have any information on Economy 7 and 5 port smart meters? Are Bulb going to be fitting these in the future?

I’m not sure anyone is even making smart meters with an auxiliary switched circuit, but it does appear to be in the specification.

I would suggest that the best thing to do is to get your local installation modified so that the circuit switched by the meter is changed to be permanently live, and a separate timer added to your water tank. Someone will likely come along to correct me but I’m pretty sure such meter-controlled circuits simply aren’t used any more on new installations since device-independent timers are better and more flexible. Once this is done your installation will be standardised and you’ll be able to have a normal smart meter fitted.