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This email was sent in to Bulb today, It is self explanatory. I don’t like having to post here, but it seems to be the only way I can get a response.

Sian (Bulb Help)

I have not had a response from my two previous emails, after having sent in photos as requested and querying your intended actions after the failed installation of a smart meter, (installed without the ability to take E7 readings manually) and now left in a “dumb” state. You recall I gave you the first period single reading and suggested it be split based on my historical DAY/NIGHT ratio of electricity used since I have been with Bulb.

I have taken a second reading, in readiness for my next statement due tomorrow, and I have used 1440 in this period, (2173 units, in total since the smart meter was installed). This would translate to a NIGHT reading of 665 and a day reading of 775 using a 46.2%/53.8% split for this latest period. So with a standing charge and VAT I would be expecting a charge for electricity used of around roughly, £207 showing on my next statement.

Could you please respond to my previous queries, and give me an update as to where we are at and what your intended actions are to resolve this situation?

David Bell

Hi @DaveDB

We are sorry that you haven’t had a response to your emails. I can see that you have an open complaint with my colleague.

When a complaint has been opened it is important to keep everything in that thread so that is can be kept in one place. I have flagged this to my colleague and she will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sian (Bulb Help)

So I am still awaiting a response in writing from you, despite many attempts (all documented) , regarding the issue raised that I did not want a smart meter installing unless you could categorically confirm that I could retain me E7 tariff. You categorically did state that I could and I have this in written confirmation from you. But now I have noticed you have changed my tariff on my account without my permission to a single read out tarrif. Which means you will benefit financially and I will lose out financially. What is happening at bulb?

I have sent you breakdowns of what I should be charged based on my readings of the single read out “dumb” smart meter, splitting this on my historical data, split between DAY and NIGHT readings, which you have chosen to ignore. I have asked if my meter can be programmed on site to allow me to give Day and Night readings, and you have confirmed it should have been set up this way, but hasn’t been and you have not responded to my emails confirming what action you intended to take.

Can you please explain why you have taken me off the E7 tariff without my permission?

Tomorrow I go to the Ombudsman