Smart Meter Data

Hi everyone,

Just wondering about these second generation smart meters which Bulb are going to start deploying this year. Is there any means to read the data from these meters for our own purposes? In Norway they have a similar smart metering system which has a user port for homeowners to hook up to, which can be very useful and more accurate than the usual ‘power clamp’ style monitor. The same meters have been deployed in the UK, but with the user port blanked off, which is pretty disappointing.

Any information much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@roobarb_, the meters will not have a user accessible port for reading data with a wired connection (presumably to avoid potential damage to the meter), but the Zigbee SE2 HAN network is used by the new SMETS2 meters which should allow other client access devices (CADs) to be wirelessly connected.

Bulb have not confirmed any specifics (I don’t believe they’ve decided on a model yet, hence the trial) but they seem keen to provide us with as many options and as much access to data as they can.

I’m personally interested in this gateway from Presciense which runs OpenWRT and as such should provide all sorts of options.

Very interesting, thanks @mowcius. I’ve got a bit of experience with Zigbee and it would potentially be more convenient to do this wirelessly than with a physical connection, though no doubt there’ll be some fettling of encryption or pairing to be done. That Prescience gateway does look very interesting.

though no doubt there'll be some fettling of encryption or pairing to be done
My impression is that it will be made relatively easy to allow standard users to connect devices. Customer purchase of a more fully featured/replacement display is often given as an example. How that will work, I don't know, but if grandma down the road should be able to do it, it should be fine for us techy folk to wrap our heads around!

I look forward to future conversations with you about all of this when we get some smart meters to play with!
Have you requested to be on the trial?

@“Andrew at Bulb”, another one to talk to about smart meter data?

Perhaps @“TomT at Bulb” is the right person to be talking to at the Bulb end now about the nitty gritty stuff?

@roobarb_ what information are you looking to access? You’d like a CSV of your usage?

@mowcius thank you for the wicked CCs