Smart Meter Detailed Readings

Is there somewhere/somehow I can read/access the half hourly readings from my smart meter? This would be very useful to understand if the Smart Tariff is good for me.

Hi, did you get an answer to this, please? I ve just installed TADO heating controls and would like to be able to plot outside air temperatures against heating use, for the period before and after TADO installation to get a really good idea of the savings. prior to Tado our peak gas useage was £5, since its not exceeded £3, so I think the savings are very good … but it would be great to be able to see some science on it! Thanks

Hey @andythebee,

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You can view your half-hourly usage within your Bulb account under the ‘energy usage’ charts here.

Definitely recommend switching over to our smart tariff if you’re interested in more accurately monitoring your gas usage.

Never seen a member plot their usage against outside air temperatures, so would love to see your findings :smile: