Smart meter differs from Bill


So I switched to Bulb and had a smart meter installed in March.
I live in a small one bed flat, 1 bed/living room, one bath and small kitchen.
I have received my readings each month & I’ve been given bills averaging about £45 each month so I set my DD to £50. Leaving myself in credit as I knew winter bills would be higher.

Then in September they gave me a bill from March-Sept which they then said I owed them another £255??
Isn’t a smart meter meant to calculate accurate results not estimates? Why is this bill now giving different calculations, has this happened to anyone else?

I’m in the middle of a complaint but not really getting anywhere.

Hi @Gebyrne10 and welcome to the community :wave: :partying_face:

I’ve had a look into your account and can see that my colleague has responded to you since your community post. If you still have questions please feel free to pop them here and we can assist or you can respond to the email thread.

– Robyn :bulb: