Smart Meter - Disabled Customer

Hi, I am currently a Bulb customer. I moved into a new build property in June 2019 and the energy supplier was Scottish Power who installed the Smart Meter. Please can you check the system to confirm? I am a wheelchair user and find it really difficult to read both my electricity and gas meters and would like a new smart meter as soon as possible so that I can read the meter using an in-house display.

I registered in July for someone to read my meters on a quarterly basis, but no one has contacted me in over a year. Due to the above, my meter readings have been estimated and I owed you a large amount of money. Please can you investigate so this does not happen again.


Alex Holding

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Unfortunately, if the IHD has gone missing, bulb is unable to supply a new one unless the meter is faulty, in which case, bulb will install a new meter and IHD. The good news is that your smart meter will soon be able to be read by bulb over the air, as the first-gen meters are being connected to the new network! If bulb is able to connect to your meter, you might be eligible for a brand new trio accessible home display, though @Noah_at_Bulb or someone else would need to confirm this for you

I’m just a fellow customer, so can’t see what’s up with the meter reader not coming round, but I’d guess that it is due to corona which started in march (first quarter)

Didn’t have coronavirus in July 2019


That’s a good point.

Hi @alexis.holding1

Thanks for reaching out on Community.

I’ve had a look into your account and it looks like you’ve got a SMETS1 meter. This means it can only be automatically read by the installing supplier. Luckily we’re currently in the process of enrolling all SMETS1 meters onto the centralised DCC network.

I’ve just raised your account with our smart team to check whether we can get yours enrolled now. Once we’ve enrolled your meter we may be able to get your IHD working depending on the type of IHD you have.

I’m also really sorry to hear that nobody has been to read your meters. I’m going to double check you’re on the priority service register now and look into why we haven’t sent someone to get a reading yet.

Hi Gabby,
Thanks for your response. I have been in touch with your media team via Twitter and we have sorted my account out and it appears that although I enrolled to have my meter read in July 2019, nobody has contacted me to read ever and hence my meter readings were wrong. My account is now up to date as I got a neighbour to read my meter for me. If you can check that I will be contacted in the future to have my meter read, that would be great.

As for the IHD, I did not get one from my previous supplier when I moved in as it is a new build so will have to order one when I get switched over.

Thanks for your help


Hi Gabby,

Just to let you know that is has been two months from our last communication and no one has contacted me to read my meters. It does not look as though the Priority Service system where someone pops round to read the meters for me is working which is very disappointing. Can you investigate why I am constantly being missed of the list?