Smart meter display and meter readings

Had smart meters fitted on 2nd, in home display still not working. Spoken to someone else I know on bulb and they have the same issue and were told a 3rd party team will take up to 3 months to investigate! Serisouly.

Wondered if anyone else had a working one.

Also it must be doing something although I worry it’s done it wrong.

No readings on my account for electric since the last one I did myself, gas however says zero for the day it was fitted and then 10789 the day after, which was meant to be the final reading so it’s gone in the wrong way around making it look like over used ten thousand units in 24 hours…sigh

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We had a smart meter 2 fitted on 3 January. Very good fitter, very informative. Electric, gas and solar panels all showing on screen and reading fine. However, gas no longer showing within the hour and hasn’t displayed since.

Waited allotted 24 hours. Tried reboot twice. No luck - still just electric and solar.

Went through all Bulb info on ‘Help’ but nothing of any help at all.

Sorry can’t help BUT sounds like same issue! Hope there is help for us both!

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I’m in the same boat with a 27 December install. It logged my electricity metre at 0 with Bulb online and not my gas at all. It then lost the ability to read my electricity metre but still displays the gas - although doesn’t send the data.

I think the issue is even though we have had new IHD’s and smart meters installed, the IHD software is not up to date. Reading the here about issues, the latest IHD update 1.9 apparently fixes some of the issues we have but we are on 1.7. You need to connect the IHD to wifi and then wait a random number of days/weeks for it to update itself.

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I switched from Ecotricity late last year with a SMETS 2 - Meter appeared to be working fine, but IHD is a paperweight. I’ve been on to bulb online “support” twice and had literally no response at all!

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I’ve been waiting since July for my “smart” meter to start working properly. Don’t hold your breath!


To give you a glimmer of hope, our smart meter was installed in August. It finally started working fully in December following the upgrades to the IHD software. Initially we had no smart readings on our account and no gas on the IHD and periodic loss of electricity data including a weird bug where we could see current data but no history. Since the IHD firmware upgrade in November it has worked flawlessly and the smart reading finally started auto generating readings in December.

My impression is that setting up smart reader readings is a buggy and manual process and requires careful setting up which takes a while. And there is a backlog.

My advice to you would be to stop thinking about your smart meter for a whole, connect the IHD to Wi-Fi so it gets the firmware upgrade, leave it a few months and it is likely to get sorted out.

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Thanks everyone!

In spoke to bulb today and got this explanation, how much truth there is I’ll never know:

My smart meter install date didnt match what was on record on the server end so the smart meter wont talk to the network as it was rejected???
They are saying they are locked out for a minimum of 4 weeks before they can do any work on it and investigate. Also said it can take up to 6 months and in the mean time I have to still do manual readings.

Also they are correcting the wrong input of readings where it showed I used 10000 units in 1 day on gas.

And literally 2 mins ago I have had an email saying there is no smart meter signal in my area so that’s why it doesnt work!
What a load of nonsense.

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