Smart meter display in new home

Hi, I’ve just moved and there appears to be a smart meter installed; it’s a SMETS1 type . Should I expect to have a display as well? Is that something that Bulb would supply?

The original supplier may or may not have provided one.

Unlikely for the foreseeable future, due to technical reasons regarding pairing a new IHD with an existing SMETS1 meter. It may be possible in the next 12-18 months once all SMETS1 meters have been migrated into the DCC, but even then it will depend on whether you or Bulb are willing to cover the cost of the device.

You might have better luck by switching back to whichever supplier originally installed the meter, but who knows.

Do you know who installed the original meter?

The previous people used Octopus but I don’t think the meter was installed by them; googling suggests it might be one that Eon use maybe? But there’s nothing obvious printed on it and no info from the previous owners. Sounds like the SMETS1 meters are dumb as rocks anyway!