Smart Meter Distances

Is there a minimum distance that electric and gas smart meters have to be? I’ve been chatting via email with one of your phone ops and was told that my meters are too close together and therefore can’t change my gas meter. Just double checking to see if I’m not being fobbed off

Hey @dredmann :wave:

For an installation, a smart meter is about the size of an A4 piece of paper (landscape) so we need about that much space to get one in. If there isn’t this much space around the current meter, it wouldn’t be able to fit.

From the photos it looks like it would be a tight squeeze- we could look into possibly moving the meter to get a bit more space. We can move meters within 1m on the same wall so if there’s space for it we could see if that would work!

  • Holly :bulb:

would it be able to be installed on the adjacent wall where the phone and cable plugs are situated?

It actually looks like there’s less room on that wall than where the gas meter is now, but the perspective might be misleading.

Measure the distances from the adjacent wall for each of the electricity smart meter and the sockets, and then you’ll know.

(FYI, the length of A4 landscape is just under 300mm)

From the adjacent wall to the electric meter is 550mm so I’m guessing that would be too small a distance?

Well, that’s a bit more than the 300mm of landscape A4, so it sounds like there should just about be room - especially since @holly_at_bulb says they are allowed to also move the electricity meter a little bit to make more space if needed.

Hi @dredmann - I’ve sent you an email now following our phone call, please let me know if you have any other concerns!


Hi Georgie, I spoke to and sent a photo of the meter positions to ENWL they told me there is no problem with the distance between the meters and if you, the supplier have an issue to raise it as a data flow enquiry by an engineer when on site ready to fit a meter

Hey @dredmann - thats good theres no issue! I’m just looking into what we can do for you now and I’ll send you an email when I have the next steps. Thanks! :bulb:

Due to the email correspondence and what I see is reluctance on Bulb’s behalf to send engineers out to fit a gas smart meter or even assess the situation, even though I was only here for 2 months, its already time to move on as another company said there would be no trouble in fitting a meter when the next slot is available and IF they do need to move any, they would get in touch with the DNO who would come and move it for me.

Hi @dredmann

I can see Georgie emailed you- we can look into installing it for you but as she mentioned, we’d need the meter moved by the DNO into a place with more space before we’d be able to exchange it.

I see the DNO have emailed to say the meters as they currently are are deemed to be ‘not to current standards’ and, sadly, at the moment, they’re too close together for us to be able to do it.

If you do decide to ask the DNO to move it just let us know and can then get it sorted for you after that :relaxed:

Well, thanks for the late reply but considering nothing was sorted out a lot sooner, I have moved to a more “tentacly” energy provider as they didn’t um and ah on a decision to whether I could have a gas smart meter fitted as those who I corresponded with via email did. Also If as you say, I contact the DNO myself to get the meters moved, that would mean |I would have to pay, which I don’t think I should as having smart meters is the way we’re supposed to be going now and for your information my new provider from 2nd April have already said if needed, they would arrange for any necessary meter movement.