Smart meter - does it do anything besides telling me what price my electricity is?

I’m getting repeated invitations to have a smart meter installed. I’m perfectly happy with my current arrangements - Economy 7 style tariff - and I’m trying to find out what benefits I might get if I get the meter changed. I’ve worked out that on the basis of information on the website my bills with a smart meter would be within a few pennies of what I currently pay for a typical month. So not much incentive yet.

At present I know when I get lower rate power and can set some devices to switch on when the lower rate comes in. All of the info that I have seen on the website suggests fixed hours for the peak rate (and other rates) although, ultimately, I presume that the timing of peak rate, at least, will vary with demand - otherwise where’s the benefit for the supplier/environment? So, still not much incentive.

Now, I’m thinking about getting an electric car. I certainly would want to take advantage of lower rate power to charge it. I don’t see much information anywhere about the smart meter being able to ‘tell’ certain devices what rate is currently in force and, thus, to provide me with some incentive to change.

Does anyone know anything more about what - if any - additional facilities or functionality will be available if I take up the invitation to fit a smart meter?

And if anyone who runs the website reads this, all the while I’ve been trying to type this I get a message every minute or so which pops up and stops me typing. Incredibly annoying. The message says { “Code”: 256, “Exception”: “Incorrect integer value: ‘’ for column ‘CategoryID’ at row 1|Gdn_Database|Query|update GDN_Draft Draft
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I’d wait a while. The smart meters have lots of bugs and problems.

In the future they are likely to allow fancy tariffs where you get cheap prices when the laid on the system is low, but we aren’t there yet. I’d wait until the bugs are ironed out.