Smart meter dont do it

Had a smart meter installed on the 28th November it has not worked from day one. It only shows day rate on the meter itself. I have been charged day rate for day and night. On top of this I have been charged a estimated night rate. The in house display keeps switching itself on and off and doesn’t show any information at all. I can get no date as to when it will be fixed. Only been told it will take weeks. I will be charged a fixed tarriff rate whatever that may be. Then when it is fixed have been promised a estimated refund on the extra I have been charged. What a absolute shambles. I can’t even change supplier as I can not give a meter reading. I would avoid getting a smart meter as from my experience the installers seem to not have a clue what they are doing. If you are getting one installed I would seriously consider cancelling it until they get their act together.


I have to wonder why you agreed to have a smart meter installed? Did you not read comments on this forum about problems being encountered by other customers?


Unfortunately I didn’t. Only came across the forum after I had the problems, which will probably be the case for most people


Thanks, makes part sense.

Genuine question, I wonder how you didn’t come across the forum at an earlier stage?

Assuming you access your Accent dashboard via the web on your PC rather than the App, at the top of the page are four buttons, Tariff, Community, Help & Sign Out. Obviously Community would have got you to this forum. Help would get you to the Help page with a section which says


Find and share solutions with other Bulb members.
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which clicking it would also get you to this forum.

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I access it from my phone so only really come on to check bills or submit meter readings. I am generally working 6 sometimes 7 days a week so don’t really have time to look further than I need into sites.


I think Bulb are trying to address the installation problems now by being very selective about where they install smart meters. That doesn’t help anyone who has had a meter installed in a problematic location. When the government is pressuring the industry to install meters, mistakes will be made.

Getting all of these bits of technology to work together was always going to be tricky. Unless you’re blessed with excellent mobile phone coverage indoors and flawless WiFi.

I agree with Bulb when they say that there are industry-wide problems. That doesn’t mean that Bulb are problem free. I am damn sure that Bulb are having their own problems in addition to the industry-wide ones.

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I had a smart meter already installed by eon which worked perfectly until I changed suppliers. So possibly not a problem with my area.

I am having constant problems with my IHD1, have done since I had my smart meter installed a few months ago. My personal opinion is we are bombarded to have these meters installed due to the Government pressures on the energy suppliers however once they are installed the customer service/aftercare is shocking. The tech is obviously not up to the job which they need to address before installing them? I sympathise with you manicmark999, am hoping Bulb reply to my new email (one of many!!!) with regards to my IHD1 not working - keeps restarting, no time, just shows “waiting current data”, is situated very near my WIFI router yet cannot locate it and doesn’t allow me to put a pin code in before switching off and restarting. How anyone can be energy efficient by using these things is beyond me cus they never work! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I seems to me like that should have worked with Bulb too. We know that Bulb can get meters to work with their systems. Pure speculation: a problem with the migration process?

The tech might be ok but the installation, operations or migration might be at fault. i.e. not a technology problem, a people problem. Again this is pure speculation on my part

I wonder how good the WiFi implementation is in the IHDs. My IHD seems to have a poor range to my WiFi.

Being new-ish to Bulb, I had a first time experience of an engineer visit to install the smart meter. I had not read the comments on this forum, didn’t think to go on here.

Today I would like to comment that it was a wholly unpleasant experience!!

A rude man with no respect when coming into my home. He accused me of being nervous and that it made HIM uncomfortable, something he wanted to complain to his manager for. The reason? I asked him to wash hands and not walk into my home with his (dirty) boots on.

Apparently he merely forgot to wear the plastic covers but I was making him too uncomfortable because I insisted on these measures.

Seeing what has been said on here, good to know I no longer need to be fussed about installing a smart meter anyway.

Not sure if Bulb are inspiring much confidence in the engineers who they contract out to us from Siemens.

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Woah, now that would be bad at anytime, but certainly at this time.
have a look at


Thanks so much Izzyhunt, for that link and your support.

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Hi @suparna2020, firstly welcome to Bulb community, and sorry that your first post was to do with a problem you have encountered.

I can see that you’ve sent in an email already and that my colleague has raised a complaint both internally and with Siemens, so they should be back in touch with you soon.

Thanks I appreciate that.

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