Smart meter economy 7 times

Can some one help me and check when is my night rating starts and ends base on the BST??

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Almost all Economy 7 meters are GMT locked. What this means is that they won’t update when the clocks change - So if your night rate ended at 7:30am before, for example, it would now end at 6:30am.

If you would like know the specific times about your Economy 7 meter, you can get in touch with us at


The OP doesn’t have an Economy 7 meter. They have a smart meter configured for two rates, likely billed on an Economy 7 tariff. When I was on the Bulb smart tariff trial, the smart meter handled daylight savings changes and the rates changed at the same local time. i.e., the night rate started at 2300 all year round. This is another benefit of smart meters over traditional dual rate meters that, as you say, typically have a fixed clock.

So who is correct? Does the lower night rate change at GMT regardless of the actual meter showing BST, or does it change in accordance with the meter’s BST setting? In my case does the low night rate end at 7.30am BST? In the past rate switching was to GMT, regardless of it being BST. Do I leave my time clocks on GMT or change them to BST?
This has always been a confusing issue!
PS I have a smart meter.

Well, Ryan has it the wrong way around in any case. If the meter is fixed at UTC, and your night rate typically ends at 07:30, then at UTC+1 that will be 08:30, not 06:30.

I suspect with your smart meter Bulb likely wont know the answer.

Who installed your smart meter, and when? If it’s one that Bulb have installed it’s quite possible that you’re not even on E7 any more because they have forgotten (or are unable) to send the necessary remote re-configuration after it was installed.

The only way you’re going to be absolutely sure is to go and look at the meter around the time of the expected rate change and see what happens. The meter should show on its display what rate is active. You should also be able to get this information from your IHD, if you have one.

Bulb (Siemens) installed the meter, I think in July last year. At the time, when checking whether E7 rates were in operation, I could see no indication either on the meter or IHD of the different rates, nor times when operating. It was only when I stayed up at night and looked at the IHD was it confirmed by the reduces rate that E7 was operating. I’m still unsure if E7 rate change times are GMT or BST. I suppose I could wait up at possible change over times to see exactly when the IHD rate changes.
I find this lack of and contrary information almost wilful on the part of the energy companies (Bulb are not alone) in making it clear (or unclear!) when different rates apply.

Can’t say for other suppliers, but for Bulb I’d definitely apply Hanlon’s razor.

I had to look up ‘Hanlon’s razor’, and you may well be right!

I had a repply from Bulb:
" Your NIGHT RATE is: All days 0030-0730
The timings will stay the same even though the clocks have gone forwards, your meter will be configured for this."

so for smart meters the night rate time will be the same all year around

In another thread:- (so even more confusion!)

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Hi @PaulS,

Thanks for your message.

It depends on your meter set up if your Economy 7 hours will change when the clocks change, I’m going to send you an email so we can have a look at your account in more detail.

Economy 7 does not mean smart meter.
as far as I understand Economy 7 meter depend of the meter.
smart meters they do adjust the time.

I’m not sure I fully understand your post, but I do have a smart meter and I know the meter clock changes for BST. It has variously been said that E7 tmes do or do not change in accordance with BST.
Confused? It may just be me!

Hi @jorgecorage,

The majority of meters are set to UTC. Ony a very small amount of meters will change with British Summer Time.

Bulbs smart meters will not move with BST. Unfortunately my colleague did make an error there, your meters low rate on and off times have moved forward. So if your low rate time turned off at 7:30 before BST, it will now turn off at 8:30.


So is my smart meter (installed by Bulb via Siemens last year) one of the ‘very small amount of meters’ which shows the time now as BST?
And your statement ‘Bulb smart meters will not move with BST’ seems to be erroneous for me.
More confusion!

I do Not have a smart meter, but I do have a E7 meter. For me the simple test is what time is displayed on the meter? For instance my meter changes in accordance with the allotted time, ie BST or UTC(GMT). So the economy time is always the same ie as displayed on the meter.

Possibly not.
When I had an old E7 meter I was told that E7 switching was always timed to GMT, whether BST was in operation or not.

Is that just for dual rate Economy 7 or does it also apply to the smart tariff? I can confirm when I was on the smart tariff my smart meter remained on local time (i.e., changed with summer time and the switching times remained the same year round).