Smart meter economy 7

Can anyone tell me what gets replaced when you change to a smart meter with economy 7? Currently l have a meter showing the two rates plus a separate box that seems to control the time of switching via a radio link. Is is just the meter that gets replaced or both boxes?

For me both boxes got changed, but this as played havoc with the times of my economy 7 and I don’t know what it is anymore

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I had my old meter changed to a Smart meter on February 26th and didn’t think anything about and just assumed things would continue unchanged.

Clearly somebody at bulb didn’t do their homework and I have had a single rate meter fitted.

I have contacted bulb three times now, the last time about 15 minutes ago. I was told on one occasion that I was still on Economy 7 and I asked how that worked on a single rate meter? The truth is that if they are grabbing readings every 30 minutes so they could actually calculate how much electricity I was using between 2330 and 0630.

The operator today confirmed I was on a single rate tariff - I have just cancelled my direct debit (childish in some respects I know but what else can I do?).

Apparently the operator is now raising a complaint on my behalf.

This is all so unnecessary and only as a result of an administration error in the first place. Ironically I imagine that the Siemens engineer that turned very possibly would have had the correct meter in his van when he arrived…



There’s no such thing as a single rate smart meter or an E7 smart meter. All smart meters are capable of 48 different rates changing every half an hour, and so they can easily handle two rates for E7.

Bulb need to send the command to remotely configure your smart meter to use two rates. There have been reports on here of people running Bulb-installed SMETS2 smart meters on E7 and so they do appear to now have the software capability to handle that remote configuration, which was the sticking point for months. Whether they have the ability to sort it out in your case, in what appears to be a highly disorganised company experiencing smart meter and billing issues far in excess of those expected in the industry, remains to be seen.

You’ll just have to keep nagging them.


Thanks for this reply. I was a quite happy customer with bulb previously but was tempted away by a cheaper tariff and ended up at Economy Energy when they went down the tubes. I have come back to bulb based on my previous, positive, experiences.

Clearly since I was last with them they have grown somewhat and, it would seem , their customer service has also gone downhill. I doubt it is any person’s fault at the front end more the upper management.

I can hear Octopus calling…



It’s complete mismanagement at the C-level.

There have be confirmation on here that Octopus can use Bulb-installed SMETS2 meters exactly as designed, including their multi-rate tariffs.

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Looks like everything’s more or less sewn up in this thread but if anyone needs any clarification on anything, please let me know by replying here!