Smart meter - electric- problems

I would NOT recommend a smart meter. My electrics and fuse box worked perfectly before I had mine fitted with no issues at all. It was fitted the Friday of Spring Bank weekend and my fuse box kept tripping afterwards and wouldn’t stay on. Apparently this is a common problem according to the Engineers manager who he rang because he didn’t know what to do ! The engineer phoned his boss and he said I would have to get an electrician to look at it, this has happened before on other installations. WHY ARE WE NOT MADE AWARE OF THIS ISSUE. Getting a reputable electrician on a Friday afternoon of a bank holiday weekend is not easy. Siemens didn’t offer any help apart from advice to contact an electrician and off he went and left a me with no electricity! Fridge, freezer, etc all off. It was a good job I didn’t need electricity for medical equipment. 2 weeks later I have some electric on due to a very kind electrician doing a temporary job at short notice but the fuse box still keeps tripping and just waiting for the electrician to put a new box in. How we can prove it’s Siemens fault? They only thing I can prove is that it was working perfectly beforehand. I will be sending my electricians bill to Bulb with a complaint to see what they can do about it. I am disgusted with the service provided by Siemens and they should at least have an electrician on stand by to sort these issues out. DO NOT GET A SMART METER - I wish I hadn’t.

Does your fusebox contain a MEM RCD by any chance? It seems that some RCDs predate current Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements and can be tripped by radio emissions from the smart meter. Siemens would not have known what was inside your fusebox because they are not supposed to touch it. (Arguably they should be allowed access to it in order to test the torque of the terminal screws after disturbing the tails).

Post pictures of your fuse box please, if you can.

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I’ve replied over on that thread, but I’ll copy here too …

This is completely unrelated to smart meters.

Possibly the problem is to do with your “meter tails” being moved around during the installation and the mechanical stress causing a loose connection inside your consumer unit. Or maybe one of your RCDs failed simply due to being turned off after having been on for many years. These things happen. But that’s as likely to happen whether installing a smart meter or a big old fashioned analogue dial meter. It’s the replacement of the meter that is the issue, not the type of meter. You have to change the meter at some point, just because like anything else they get old and need to be replaced. Installing a smart meter might well have brought forward this event a little earlier than it would have been otherwise, but you’d have been facing this problem smart or not.

This is the problem with getting recommendations off the internet. Quite often bad reviews are simply due to a misunderstanding.

I appreciate your comments , I will ask the electrician tomorrow - yes I have one coming - about the remarks above. The fuse box is only 18 yrs old so not old really. My main gripe is the fact that Siemens can effectively leave you without electricity and don’t care. This is what people need to be aware of before anyone tampers with their meters.

I have a MEM RCD , and only 18 yrs old. Siemens did switch the fuse box off so would have known it was a MEM as it is in big letters on the box. If they shouldn’t have touched the fuse box and did then there is an issue there and the fact they did touch it they should have known the issue around the MCM RCD not being compatible. Their fault all round.