Smart meter eligibility

Hi, I live in YO15 1LF and I am told that I am not eligible for a smart meter, I am having solar panels with a battery system so that I can use off peak electricity. But all Bulb tell me is that I am not eligible for a smart meter because they won’t be able to communicate with it. They say that this may be rectified this Year, but will not narrow it down any more. I have contacted the companies that are supposed to sorting this out but they tell me to contact Bulb and they will tell me when. It’s just going round in circles.

Hey @DARYL Thanks for your post. We are really sorry for the delays with your smart meter, unfortunately in some scenarios whether its area/connection/meter setup we are unable to install these. We will keep in touch when we are able to and will let you know directly. Apologies for this inconvenience at this time.

–Carl :bulb: