Smart meter enquiry

I’ve recently joined to bulb but I’m really in need of a smart meter as my health is getting worst and can’t always get out to top up

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Really sorry to hear that your health is worsening. I have a similar problem in that I struggle to get to my gas meter to get a reading. Electric is fine as it’s inside the flats where I live but the gas ones are situated outside in a big steel contraption with very heavy doors that are extremely difficult to open and mine is the bottom one which means bending right down, something I struggle to do. We need to keep the doors to it shut properly or sometimes the local youngsters think it’s really amusing to turn the gas supply off. I have just applied for help with meter readings via their support services which offers help with things like readings and so on. I’m sure you would be eligible.
I had thought that the government were very keen on people having meters so let’s hope that Bulb can help us all monitor our usage and use our resources more carefully.
I wish you the best in terms of your health and good luck with your quest. Take care, D