Smart Meter Experience

After having the installation cancelled by Bulb twice, I had my SMART meter installed in early November. There was an issue installing the GAS SMART meter and the Siemens engineer explained that he would need to come back to resolve and someone would be in touch.

I chased them, initially in early December, and again in early January!

The fact that I have not heard anything from BULB, apart from when I chase them, does not fill my with confidence that they are doing anything to resolve this issue, of my unfinished installation.

Initially, I thought that I had made a good decision to join BULB, but after recent experiences, I am starting to regret my decision.

I think the issue we have with all energy companies is that by installing the smart that goes towards meeting government targets, sorting it afterwards is another matter and other than reputation does nothing else for the company.
With a customer base of 1M+ it is going to take a heck of a lot of negative complaints to affect their rating score.

To be fair, this is an Industry issue. Not just Bulb.