Smart meter faulty

Have a dumb Smets1 smart meter, which cannot distinguish between generating electricity and using electricity, as a result I have had to turn of my solar panels, I have been trying to get my meter changed by yourselves (bulb) with no luck, as a green company I thought you would of encouraged people to use solar, also when I changed to bulb I was assured my meter would be changed to a smets2 meter.

Thank you


Hi @paul101

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We definitely do encourage people to use solar and we think it’s great you’re doing so :sun_with_face:

All smart meters (both Smets 1 and Smets 2) can record export. I’ve just sent you an email regarding this but if you could respond with a photo of your meter I should be able to explain how to distinguish between the two readings.

Hi @paul101! I just wanted to let you know that Katie from our solar team is hosting a Q&A on this community thread. If you’ve still got any concerns about what you mentioned above, she might be able to shed some light on the issue :bulb:

Why am I being charged a horrendous charge. Look at November night 1404kwh Day 1501kwh I live in a one bedroom flat on my own this is clearly incorrect and Bulb ignore everytime. You are making me very unwell. I list my job and my electric bill has rocketed, please help you can see over 2 years as a loyal customer I have never used this about of electricy. I feel Bulb do not want to help me.