Smart meter first generation

Hi. I had a first gen smart meter fitted with BG many years ago which didn’t work when joined Bulb so got rid of the inhome display unit and have done manual readings ever since from the actual meter boxes. Does anyone know
where I could get one of these units from now so I can set it up and start tracking my usage again please? Is this even possible? I asked Bulb but they kept saying I need to take my own smart readings. How can I without the inhome display unit? I keep getting cut off the online chat and can’t get through on the phone. TIA

Hey @Shazla34 Thanks for your post.

You have first generation smart meters and up until recently, these were only smart with the supplier who installed them. We’ve been working on upgrading all of these meters so that we can start communicating with them. This will be happening over 2022 and you’ll receive an email letting you know when we’ve been able to turn your meters smart again.

We will be unable to send one of those in home displays while we are unable to connect to the meter.

–Carl :bulb:

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Well that’s a load of rubbish as I’ve just been told by your help desk that you don’t do ihds for first gen meters even though you can read my meters remotely. He also said the only way I could get an ihd would be to switch supplier. How about you upgrade my meters, I asked. No we can’t do that because we can read your current meters. Absolute crap service at a time when people really do need to be able to see live usage.

Thankyou. I’ve read on a different thread that to upgrade a first gen smart meter to a second gen that there would be a fine/charge to you from the government which could then in turn be passed on to the customer - I would hope that wouldn’t be the case, and would want prior notice and the option to say yes or no to the change if that was going to happen! Why is nothing ever easy (or cheap) any more? Lol.