Smart meter fitted and now not receiving bills

I had a smart meter fitted in april and since then, I have not received a bill. In that time my payments have increased by over £100. I now have over £880 in credit.

My meter isn’t picking up the gas readings but it says I’ve used £210 of electricity since the meter was fitted. I’ve created a spreadsheet and gone off my meter readings and standing charge and I’ve used around £100 of gas. (Bulb has all of this information)

I have been in touch with bulb at least 5 times over the last 6 weeks and every time they say every week the error should be resolved in 5-7 days.

Should I just cancel my direct debit? From what I’ve seen, I’m not going to get the refund when they do find out I’m over £500 in credit.

Hey @philmeach Thanks for your post.

We are sorry you had an issue with your bill. We can see you have contacted us and had a statement since your message.

Let us know if you still need an answer to any of these questions.

All the best,