Smart meter fitted ask for meter readings

I had smart meters fitted on 15/3/19. The IHD did not work for the first 6 weeks, then started, but has failed now saying waiting for meter readings and been like this for 10 days. Now every meter readings on my account since the 17/3/19 says estimated, I had smart meters fitted so I would no longer have to manually input meter readings. Which I can longer do as it is no longer available on my app. My last bill from bulb requests that I input meter readings. What is bulb doing to rectify this problem and how am I supposed to input meter readings.

You need to call them and spend ages on hold, or email the readings and hope the readings appear on your account. Good luck!

Hi @michael2528 sorry we can’t talk to your meters yet.

I have passed on your details to the smart team who are working through these issues oldest-newest.

Apologies for the inconvenience and please bear with us - once the smart meters start sending us readings, your account balance will be fully updated in line with them. In the meantime, feel free to note down the readings yourself every so often (and send them to if you like) just for peace of mind.


Landis and Gyr meters

For Electricity:

To find the correct reading from a SMETS2 electricity meter you need to find the display screen which says ‘Total Act Import’ and will be measured in kWh.
This is normally the default screen on the meter display but if not, using the ‘A’ button will cycle through the screens. There are lots of other readings the meter can measure so make sure that the label is the ‘Total Act Import’ and the unit is kWh not kVarh.

For Gas:
The display will often be asleep to preserve battery so holding the ‘A’ button for a few seconds will bring it to life.
The use the ‘A’ button to cycle through the screen to get to the Meter Index screen. The reading will be display like this: XXXXX.XXXm3. We only need the units before the decimal.

EDMI Meters

The default screen should show the import and export registers in kWh.

The meter’s menu can be accessed by pressing the ‘OK’ button and the screen which appears should be the import reading in kWh.