Smart Meter Fitted, Being Asked For Meter Readings

Ok Bulb.

Patience wearing thin now. After the Smart Meter install escapades all settled down, eventually.

Smart Meter fitted end Oct.

I note there was no statement for my account issued November, nor any payment taken. My DD still taken though.

Now i have received an email telling me my Dec statement due in 3 days and to send meter readings in to avoid being estimated.

Was the purpose of a smart meter not to provide you with up to date usage, and eliminate meter readings? Incidentally in my Bulb app i can see my daily usage for gas and electricity since the smart meters went live.

What do i do now to get this sorted. i’m actually nervous posting a reading from my “new” meters as the previous readings were from the “old ones” and i don’t trust your systems enough to determine meter replacement.

This whole thing is a shambles.
Please advise.

Hi @CA76,

I’m sorry you’ve had these issues with your statements, following your smart installation. I have fixed this issue for you today and sent your statement out for you.

Also, I can see that we are getting smart meter readings through for both your electricity and gas, so this statement was generated using these, as should future statements.

If you have any questions or need any other help, do let me know!

Lou :stars:

We are having a similar problem. We have had a smart meter for a year but are still being billed on estimates. I contacted by email last year and have had holding messages which are never followed up on.

Hi @andy.barritt

Sorry that you haven’t heard back. I will get in touch with the advisor and ask them to update you.

In the meantime I recommend updating your smart meter read preferences to half hourly, this is our recommended setting so we can get your reads through.

You can do that here


Thanks Mel. I have updated the frequency as advised.

Thanks @andy.barritt for doing so, do let us know if that helped or not :relaxed: