Smart meter fitting

Hello, your engineer called yesterday to fit our dual fuel smart meter, but he was unable to complete the job, as he had to catch a ferry home (we live on the Isle of Wight). He said that we would need to make a replacement appointment to get our dual fuel smart meter done. What is the best way to do that now?


Hi @Gayshaul, firstly welcome to the Community :relaxed:

I can see that you had a booking on 30 September that wasn’t fulfilled, was this the appointment you were referring to? Or was there another appointment booked subsequent to that?

Also, was any part of the job completed?

Hi Lou, Although the booking was originally made for 30 September, the contractor asked if they could move it to 15 October. This is because they wanted to do other Isle of Wight bookings on the same day to save additional ferry trips. Being an older house, our installation had complications so the contractor only had time to fit the electric meter, not the gas meter ( he had to catch a pre-booked ferry home!).


Hi @Gayshaul,

Really sorry about that, but as the old saying goes ‘the ferry waits for no engineer’…! :ferry:

I’m going to pop you an email now so we can look into when we can get this rebooked.

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Hi Georgie, I have tried to reply to your email, but my computer doesn’t like it! Here is a picture of the gas meter

. It is attached to the wall at the front of the house,