Smart Meter from a previous supplier

I had a Smart Meter installed from a previous supplier (Eon - Aug 2019) and enjoy the OCD of seeing my spend. After switching to Bulb it still tracks my usage but it doesn’t contain the pricing data so constantly shows a £0.00 value - I would love this to be true but I’m fairly certain Bulb charge per kWh.

Can Bulb push the rates to the Smart Meter?

Silence is golden :confused:

I’d suggest asking Bulb rather than this community forum. Only they will know what they can currently do via their software.

Just as an update for other users. After 1 month (to the date) the new tariff details were uploaded to my smart meter.

My Smart meter was a recent install (Jul '19) from Eon which you can see attached. Hope this helps the Community :vulcan_salute: