Smart meter Gas not sending or reading on IHD

My IHD has never read my gas meter and after a long time in the drawer I have plugged it in and want to get it working. It is reading the Electric no with no issues.

My Smart Gas meter is also not sending readings and appears to not have done so for a long time. I am getting wild estimate readings for huge bills. Again the Electric is having no issues.

My gas meter is in a box outside but through a window and only 3m from the IHD, although the walls are thick sandstone.

How can I get it working and the gas to send the correct readings?

Any reply to this from Bulb???

I see plenty of replies to more recent posts???

Hey @dcsurgenor and welcome to the community :wave:

Apologies for the delayed response here.

It looks like your gas meter was not able to be commissioned during your smart installation. As hard as we’ve tried, we haven’t managed to get it on to the smart network and therefore it won’t be able to communicate with us; either with reads or via your in home display unit.

I’m sorry but it looks like you’ll only be able to see your electric usage until smart technology improves and enables us to connect with your gas meter.

– Robyn :bulb: