Smart meter (Gen 1?) started reading - but has now mismatched Day and night rates of Economy 7 electricity


Prompted by moneysavingexpert suggesting cheaper options I took a manual meter reading and compared against my own records and logged into see some bill adjustments (£700+ credit to account) as there have been electric meter reads and I now note smart gas meter reads recently.

We have smart meters (I assumed gen 1 - installed while with Bulb previously) And it’s now just started reading.

Problem however is that it appears to now have mismatched Day and night rates of Economy 7 electricity - the actual meter outside our house has swapped the R01 and R02 counts, this explains the big swing in costs anticipated which isn’t correct - can someone fix this please, we’re clearly never using much night-time energy ~15-20% of total - and have been for years, so for it to suddenly have flipped makes no sense, while it’s pleasant to be allowed to drop the direct debit to below half, doing my own maths it’s clearly not valid.

You’ll be pleased to know that by my maths, you’re only a few quid more expensive than others so not worth the hassle to move, as long as you sort this funny business out and let me get to the direct debit I expect us to be using…


Hi @charlieandmariafox,

Really glad to hear you’re staying with us!

I’m sorry to hear your night and day rates may have switched around, I’m just going to email you about this so we can investigate :male_detective:

Not getting any useful help here. readings are still completely ass about face and you’re continuing to make stupid estimates . Please call me - phone in email

Hi charlie

Recently bulb have talked about this issue, and there fully aware if it. The issue is going to be fixed, and everything corrected in your account. It isn’t just you with this issue, it seems to be an overall issue with the 2-rate migrated meters.

Hi @charlieandmariafox :wave:

Trevor will get back to you via email about this, but if you’d prefer you can also give us a call on 0300 303 0635.

Cara :sun_with_face: