Smart meter has disconnected


I’ve had a smart meter for a long while now but it seems to have lost connection to the meter for around 5 days now.

Is there any procedure for pairing them again?

It has full wi-fi strength, a couple of bars of signal and is only about 3 meters from the electric meter.

I’m on electricity only, recently switched to the EV tariff (although the smart meter was working after the tariff switch).

Many thanks

Hi @spooley :wave:

Thanks for your post and welcome to community.

Is this your In Home Display (IHD) you are referencing?

If so it is likely it is just settling down after your tariff has changed as I can see we still have good connection to your meter itself.

But if you want to try this fix, which should get it back working again.

Let me know how you get on!

Ele :bulb:

Thank you, yes I was referring to the IHD. I have tried the link you gave and will wait 48hrs to see if this is resolved.

Hi @spooley :wave:

If it’s still not fixed it after 48 hours, please try again once more. But if that still doesn’t work let us know and we’ll raise it with the smart team.

– Meg :bulb: