Smart meter has never wokred. I never receieved an In Home Display

I’m getting fed up with being asked for meter reading and every time I log on to the web site I get that stupid banner say “Woo Hoo!, You have a smart meter”. when it doesn’t work and I don’t have an IHD.

An engineer installed our smart meter on 13th June 2019. I assume it was a SMETS2 type, but don’t know how to tell. From what my wife told me, he couldn’t get it to pass tests and when he left, if he had an In Home Display with him, he took it with him and never showed it to my wife and certainly never left it.

What I’d like to know is when is the installation of my smart meter going to be finished, i.e. when will it start working? And when am I going to receive an IHD? I’ve had a couple of emails saying one would be shipped ‘soon’ or ‘when stocks are available’ but have never received one.

Alternatively, can you update my account to indicate I DON’T have a smart meter as the device measuring my electricity usage isn’t smart.

Hi @StarNamer,

I’m very sorry for this situation with your smart meter. I’ve sent you email so we can make this our priority and get it fixed.