Smart meter has not been submitting gas readings

I had my smart meter installed in August 2020. I was told by the engineer than I would no longer be required to submit meter readings for my gas or electricity.

After checking my last statement, I realised the gas reading was an estimate. I checked previous statements and it would seem that my gas reading has been estimated since having the smart meter installed.

I recently submitted the actual gas reading taken from the external box however the format of the reading is completely different from the estimate - obviously due to being reset in Aug 2020.

How will this be calibrated? Any why isn’t my smart meter submitting the gas readings?

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I had my smart meter fitted a couple of years ago i was told the gas readings would be up and running last Christmas, as there was a fault , i am still having to read it and submit the reading , i have complained to bulb and they have done nothing about it , it is ia waste of time , even going back to when the engineer fitted it he said it would be fixed in a couple of weeks , what a joke , if i had know this i would have told them to stick it where a monkey puts it’s nuts

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Hi @sc76,

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you were not aware of this issue on your account with the gas meter not submitting readings.

Are you able to read your meter and let me know on an updated read whilst I investigate this further for you?

Could you also please send through a photo of your gas meter to for us to check through the details of the meter which was installed in August 2020.

@Ronald1 - I am sorry to hear you still haven’t had an update in a while. As explained in the last email sent to you, back in January, our smart team is working hard with the manufacturer to get these problems fixed but it is, unfortunately, a case of being patient while we work on this.

Please send through any additional q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

FFS, please send photos… yeah, I did that in August for an IDH that hasn’t worked since changing to Bulb at Easter, and it’s STILL not working!!!

Resign yourself to gain to read the meters manually, because I’ve a sneaking suspicion Bulb have no idea how to fix this issue!!!

Hey @OzBob,

I’m sorry this is still an issue for you. I can confirm we are working as hard as possible to fix the issue for you.

Sorry again

– Daisy :bulb: