Smart Meter has not changed and wrong Date

Had a smart meter installed yesterday.

The read out for Daily has not moved at all which is worrying me as I have had the central heating on and the kettle boiled and oven on. I have looked in help but there is no “refresh”

How often does it update?

ALSO the date states July 4th on the meter. it is now October 16th. Therefore I need to change the date.

How do I change the date?

Look like you are one of the 30% of smart meter customers who have a problem.

The display when it all works get s the time and date from the system and thus there is no option to set it.

You could try holding the power button down till it reboots (less than a minute) to see if that helps.

Or just wait, some units (like my one) work when they feel like it (my one showing all dashes at the moment for cost).

Still what can you expect from a project with a cost of ten offshore wind farms :slight_smile:

That’s the demo data, the IHD hasn’t been commissioned/ installed properly. You need to call Bulb.

The IHD when connected takes the time/ date from a trusted time source, in this instance the comms hub, so it will be accurate as soon as it is properly installed.

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Bulb could make this easier by just providing installation instructions instead of expecting people to waste time calling them.

In installation I was handed the box with it in and expected to install it myself. No instructions at all. Now for me I don’t care… it’ll probably end up in landfill… but for lots of people they see it as an advantage of smart meters and they expect it to work. Bulb are massively mishandling this by just throwing these things out with no documentation and wondering why their forums are full of confused customers.

The engineer 100% should not have done that. The engineer should complete the install by connecting the IHD, giving you instructions on how to use it, offering to connect it to WiFi and then giving you energy savings advice.

You should raise a complaint to Bulb and they can take it up with the Siemens engineer who visited.