Smart Meter has started working, so

Hi, My smart meter has suddenly kicked in (it’s one of the older meters).
The meter always showed energy usage but it now shows the tariff and the cost per day etc which it didn’t do before it also had a couple of messages saying it was now connected which was a big clue!
Do I still need to send in manual readings? I’ve just had a message saying it’s time for a reading but I assumed that once the meter was up and running it would all be automatic.

Hi Rob,

Great news that it now seems to be working :smile:

I assume you’re talking about your IHD. I’ve just had a look at your account and it doesn’t look like we’re getting the readings automatically, yet. I’m going drop you an email just to confirm this as I may need you to confirm a few things.

Mine worked once, they took a reading Aug 1st, nothing since then and I’ve just received an estimated reading again.

No communication at all from Bulb.

I seem to have a similar story. My meter appears to have been read 9th Aug following an email from Bulb to tell me my old style smart meter was now working. I also asked for ½ hour recording, but since then nothing. My handheld screen appears to be working but does not seem to show all the data sets and still shows 1st Utility. Do I need to add some settings?? So –
A) do I need to take meter readings or can you now do this via the Smart meter?
B) do I need to add anything to the hand held device to get it to work correctly and show me all the data it should?
C) when will I get ½ hour metering?

Many thanks Barry

Hi to both @barry.barnes and @simon.craddock, and welcome to the Bulb community.

@simon.craddock, I can see on my system that we’ve received smart meter readings to bill you on 1 August and 1 September - I think the reading dated 1 September came through a little late, which meant that your statement was initially generated with an estimate but this has since been corrected, so sorry for the confusion there.

@barry.barnes, I can see that you are indeed set to half-hourly readings but that your usage graphs aren’t yet showing your usage as they should be. I’m going to enquire about this with our Smart team to see what we can do about this.

ok thanks for checking and letting me know.

Hi Lou, any chance you could look into my smart meter too? I’m now getting smart readings but no usage data.

Hi @RobP

I’ve taken a look now, and it seems we need to get your IHD commissioned to the smart network.

I’m going to send over an email now so we can get this sorted out for you :+1:


I’ve just checked and noticed an estimated reading for 9th September for both gas and electricity.
This follows a SMART reading on 9th August.
It strikes me something is not correct with this setup, please also can you answer my query in respect of the handheld device?
Best wishes

Exactly the same situation here. I had assumed, since Bulb took smart meter readings in August, that they would continue with this process every subsequent month. My usage chart online is also incorrect (shows exactly the same amount of gas and leccy used every single day) - not very useful at all.
And yes my meters are both marked “Secure” so Bulb should be able to read them, according to the info in their SMETS1 meters section on their website.

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My old v1 smart meter/IHD suddenly starting working again last week as well, though I can’t see if any automatic readings have taken place, and I can’t tell if the IHD is displaying my actual tariff.

I can’t see anything on my meters that marks them as ‘secure’. My meters are Landis+Gyr E470 and G470 and I believe they were installed at the very end of 2018.

Could someone please look at my account and see if I’m ready for automatic readings/usage data?

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Hi @barry.barnes, I’ve looked into this with my colleague on the Smart team, and he’s going to check that your meter reading intervals are also set to half-hourly on our Secure system (the direct system that deals with Secure SMETS1 meters). Is there is a discrepancy there, do I have permission to set your meter reading intervals to half-hourly there too?

@chrisg3zdm, I replied to your query in another thread, so if you take a look at that, I can give you a hand :relaxed:

Hi @stoli412, welcome to the Bulb community firstly :raised_hands:

Looking at my system, it doesn’t appear that your meters have been migrated onto our smart network just yet. Sometimes IHDs can still kick back in, even though we’re not able to read your meters smartly yet. The only issue with this is that we can’t update your tariff on this, because we can’t communicate with your meters just yet. We are working on this, so hopefully we’ll be able to do this soon!

@Lou_at_Bulb I’d appreciate it if you could look in to my account also as it seems to have gone from being able to collect a smart meter reading in August to making an estimate this month!
If its possible to also have more regular readings from the smart meter I would appreciate it.


Hi @nicolabeacock,

I’ve just had a look into your account and we did get a smart reading, so I’ve updated and resent your latest statement which is based on this reading.

It looks like it used an estimate because the bill was sent on the 9th but the reading came in on the 10th.

With your permission, I can update your meter to daily readings which will mean this will not happen again.

Yes, please set my meter reading to ½ hourly

Hello could you please check that my smart meter is also sending meter readings automatically, thank you.

Since I ticked the beta labs smart tariff box my android phone software lo longer gives graphs, and I have GAINED an extra electric meter, an exact clone, same MNPR/MRPN, same serial number, same readings, AND no more smart readings after September 03rd.The industry and DCC and Capita is a mess, and bulb Energy and Octopus/Co-op energy folks are having to sort out the mess, can you set my SMETS2 gas and electric meters to give half hourly readings, and get me OFF your smart tariff please?

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Still don’t think mines working. Yes a meter reading is taken monthly, but I’m supposed to see half hourly usage. Looking at my usage graphes for both gas and electric they are just blank.

Hi all, Bulb,

I too would also be grateful if you could speak with the smart team. I have called and also spoken on live chat sadly keep being told I would be emailed back but never do it appears you give a faster response on here.

My gas not showing on IHD and I don’t believe it is sending you reading as to yet.



Hey @barry.barnes hopefully you’ve now seen, but we received smart meter readings on 09/09 and there’s an updated statement in your account on this basis.

@davisonburns I’d advise updating your smart meter reading settings to daily here