Smart Meter has started working, so

Hi @simon.craddock you can change your reading settings to half hourly here as your smart readings are currently set to daily.

Hi @XxRayxX we’re sorry that you’re not yet able to see your gas usage data on your IHD. This was raised with the smart team on Friday and my colleague should have an update from them within 3 working days as to whether the issue is with the gas meter’s connection the smart network, or with the IHD. We’ll update you via email as soon as we’ve had confirmation on this

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Thank you for the update regarding Smart meter reading for Sept. However, I’ve had my request for ½ hour metering in for a month now and still no data present or available. Can you update me on progress with this issue, please?

I’ve already actioned it three times since I was told my Smart meter was back online in July, but still nothing on my account to view other than monthly graphs.

It’s furstrating becasue I don’t know if I should submit readings or not, and other than on here there’s no feedback from Bulb.

Just curious as to why I’m being told to set mine to daily readings and not half hourly like everyone else? Also I’m not Barry.barnes, I’m davisonburns.

Hi @simon.craddock,

I’m sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had. I’ve passed your case to our Secure Smart Team to find out why your meter is not changing to daily readings but staying on monthly.

I will message you when I have an update.

Hi @davisonburns,

It is just preference. You can set it to either daily or half-hourly.

Personally, I set mine to daily because you can currently only view half-hourly data via the app.

But you can view daily readings and the energy usage chart through your desktop too which for me is more useful. :bulb:

Thanks for quick reply, also would you mind updating my account/app to show the correct tariff rates, currently it shows I’m on vari fair at £15.05p for both day and night rate which is incorrect. My day rate should be £16.7706p and night rate £10.2795p

Hi @davisonburns,

I’ve looked into your account and it does look like we have you on the right tariff. At Bulb, we can only have someone on the tariff which is connected to the type of meter they have. Whilst you have a 2-rate meter, we have to bill this one as a 1-rate meter. We’re not able to change agreements from a 1-rate to a 1-rate or vice versa.

I’m very sorry for the confusion about this. It would of been outlined in your welcome pack. To view your welcome pack, you can access via this link and scrolling down to the ‘Messages’ section: Bulb account

Then why at 12am till 7am everyday is my IHD showing a lower night time rate of £10.2795p, my smart meter even notifies me of the impending lower night time rate change and clearly shows on the display screen that the rate has changed.

I have an economy 7 meter and storage heaters, so I do hope you have me on the lower night time rate otherwise its going to cost me a fortune.

Is it your IHD which is showing these unit rates or is it the smart meter itself?

IHD, and if these rates are not correctly being displayed on it, why not?

Also since my IHD started working recently my storage heaters are now charging only between the hours of 12am and 7am where as before they were charging on economy 10 times so something has changed in regards to that, I wouldn’t think it vari fair if I didn’t benefit from lower night time rates with the use of storage heaters.

I’m going to pass your case onto our Secure Smart team to find out why your IHD is displaying the incorrect tariff and how we can update this to reflect the correct tariff.

I’m very sorry about this. Unfortunately at Bulb, we don’t have an Economy 10 tariff and in this case it means we have to bill as a 1-rate.

You said I have a two rate economy 7 meter, both the IHD rates and storage heater charge times reflect this, so why am I being billed at 1 rate?

Sorry, I meant despite having a meter with 2-rates we need to bill in this situation as a 1-rate.

Unfortunatley, as we do not offer economy 10 tariff which means we have to bill in the case to a 1-rate agreement for settlement reasons.

Sorry I think you misunderstand, I’m not asking for economy 10, I have a two rate economy 7 meter so why am I being billed at one rate for both day and night times, like I said before I have storage heaters that charge during economy 7 times so would like to benefit from a two rate day and night time rate, one being a lower night time rate.

I’m really sorry about this situation, but in your case we do have to bill you as a 1-rate. I understand you have storage heaters and a meter which can read 2-rates however we have to bill to the type of meter that was installed at the property. Therefore, if your meter was originally an economy 10 meter this in turn means we have had to bill it as a 1-rate and not a 2-rate.

This is why in your welcome pack it was outlined that for both day/night the price would be the same.

So there’s nothing bulb can do to help me in regards to my wishes to be billed on a two rate? Even though my smart meter is acting as a Economy 7 meter now and capable of two rates? And my IHD is also not displaying correctly? I don’t think this is satisfactory at all.

My gas meter is SMETS2 but hasn’t been connected to the network. Any chance this can be actioned? Electricity meter is fine and is displaying on my ex-British Gas IHD.