Smart Meter hasn’t worked since August

Haven’t been able to submit meter readings since Aug 2021 as both meters are not submitting readings and are unable to take them manually.

Had estimated since this date, which is quite daunting as unsure what my usage is, which isn’t great in this current climate.

Made multiple attempts to communicate this and have even complained via email and was assured an engineer would be sent out, but of course no timescale given.

I need to know what my usage is, as for all I know I could owe or even better be in credit.

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Hi @kmcb07 :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

I have just tried to book you in for a smart meter replacement as it sounds like your meter has been affected by a firmware fault. However, demand in your area is high at the moment, and there aren’t any smart meter appointments available right now.

But you’re still on our waiting list. So as soon as an appointment becomes available, we’ll book it for you automatically. And we’ll be in touch by email or text with the details. Sorry to keep you waiting.


Jenny :star:

We’ve been on the waiting list since august last year. This is the same response I get every time. Just had my bill today and now in debit of over £160 when I’m paying £204 a month direct debit. Shouldn’t be surviving on estimated meter readings!!

I would like to get my meters fixed now please.


My smart meter hasn’t worked since April. It turns off and on and doesn’t connect to my account. Can I book in a replacement please?



Hi @moonshine200 :wave:

We would only replace your meter if there was a found fault. Can you confirm if this is for your gas or electricity and if you are still able to view the reads?

Reply time is slower on community so if you would like a quicker response please give us a ring on 0300 303 0635.


Jenny :star:


Yes there is a fault it shows no data whatsoever and when I checked my usage online bulb has been taking estimates only. Please can I arrange for it to be fixed or replaced.



It’s for gas and electricity

Getting a bit of a joke now bulb. You set an appt for my smart meter when I’m not available. Try to cancel it and was told no appointments available. I then get an email to say my appt is going ahead. So queue cancelling it again and managing to rebook on my days I’m off on holiday.

Today I get an email to say you’re increasing my monthly payments because you never got any meter readings……funny that because I seem to remember that I’ve been asking for nearly a year to get my meter fixed.

You are no charging me even more even though my account is in credit.

If this doesn’t get sorted soon I am going to complain. I’ve never had service as bad as this!

Hi @kmcb07 :wave:

As you are still waiting to get a meter replacement we could put you on to a variable direct debit. This means you would only pay for what you use each month instead of it being a set variable direct debit. Let us know what you think of this :point_down:


Jenny :star: