Smart meter HD is only displaying my electric

I have just had a smart meter in stalled with a home display device, it has been in for over 24 hours now,
The HD displays the Electric but not my gas.
I have rebooted the HD but that didn’t work, when the engineer left both gas and electric were displaying on the device, how can I get it back to showing both gas and electric?

Same for me… Been a month now with no Gas readings. Did call Bulb and was told that the meter had to be commissioned their end, that I would receive an e-mail when that was done and that would be before the end of the month, which we are now at, more or less.

@Euge thanks what you say seems to match with my experience. I’ve dropped them a message so I will just have to wait and see how long it takes them to sort it out.

I’ve just had a smart meter fitted and the IHD is showing electricity as expected but not the gas.

On the home screen “so far today” if I tap the ----- next to gas then I do see a number of kWh’s which I am reasonably sure matches use and under the Meter Information supply status page it is showing as “Waiting for supply status”.

Latest is that I phoned them (other methods of communication were not getting responded to.

Up shot is they are unable to tell me when the Gas meter will be remotely commissioned… I was also told that they are having problems with the gas meters.

The chap I spoke to was very understanding of my frustrations, and, at HIS, suggestion, a complaint has now been set up. They will aim to update me weekly, and have offered to discuss compensation when everything is sorted. (Which is all very good but not needed as I really am not suffering any financial loss to be compensated for - I just expect this to work).

So, Bulb do appear to be doing all they are capable of doing right now, but do seem in over their heads on Smart meters at the moment.