Smart Meter help please

I have a smart meter that was installed by my old suppler in 2018, it has just kicked in, however I think the readings are wrong, it is saying that I have used £65 this week, I can not seem to be able to connect to wifi on it, I am a disabled oap, and have never used that much electricity in a week before, is there any way of getting this checked out, also when I moved to Bulb in July 2019, I asked to have my meter read for me every 3 months, I do appriciate that covid came along in this time but someone should of read it between July 2019 and March 2020 which has never happened, so all but one of my readings have been estimated, I would appriciate your help please.

Welcome to the community!

What I think is likely your problem is that due to bulb not coming round with a meter reader, as you say, your readings have been estimated. bulb underestimated your usage in this time, so some debt has built up without you knowing. when the meter kicked in and sent a reading to bulb, they saw that they were underestimating your usage, so charged you for all the energy that you had been using.

It might also be the case that the IHD (that little screen your talking about) hasn’t got the proper information yet, and is still configuring itself in the background, I’d give it a week.

There’s also going some helpful bulb staff back here on Monday whom I’m sure will explain exactly what going on.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Best of luck finding helpful staff or getting a timely explanation. Emails take a very long time to get answered.

Hi @ginamitche

Are you seeing the £65 used this week on your In Home Display? If so this information will be incorrect. As your IHD is a first generation, only the installing supplier can communicate with it and therefore we’re unable to fix this error.

I’ve just checked your account though and it looks like your smart meter has been enrolled onto the centralised DCC network. This means we’re now able to get automatic readings from your smart meter and we will bill you based off these readings. Therefore we won’t require manual meter readings and you’ll be billed each month accurately for what you use.