Smart Meter HID ... and estimate

I have a smart meter installed in July.
The HIS is model 6 from 2019 … It constantly disconnects somehow from the meter.
It either stops receiving the Electricity or the Gas or both …
I reboot it once a day and it works again.
I have not moved it - so clearly it can receive the signal and there are 4 bars on it … but nonetheless it cuts out at least once a day.

Also not sure if Bulb is receiving the reading. August was estimate - we shall see if September has the smart meter number. I got a message at some point stating that Bulb was not receiving the data and they were going to change the frequency - but not heard if it has worked.

I also had an issue with estimated readings on my bill for August but different meters. I have asked bulb to take half hourly reads now instead of monthly so shall see if smart readings start showing.